The Obliviates

steve and the Obliviates

Steve and the Oblo’s

Steve assembled the Obliviates in 2010 to record recently written songs, the album title ‘Urchin’ taken from a one of the grimmer tracks …. 6 weeks rehearsal, then into the studio (Unit 7 Studio) to do the whole album live (NO OVERDUBS!!). Following that, one showcase gig at the Trades Club in Hebden Bridge … but the band were reluctant to let it go, and have carried on gigging round Scotland and the North of England, and a year later are getting ready to do another album, also for Distilled Records

the band :

steve dowling  …      vocals + guitar

al price   …                harmonica

martin emerson …   lead guitar

graham rogers …     mandolin

ray bear    …             bass

laurie mcqueen …    drums

“the Obliviates seem to be having a ball, the instrumental promptings and interjections exemplifying what sounds like overt joyful enthusiasm for Dowling’s gritty material” … Rock n Reel


“this is real stuff … these guys don’t take prisoners” … Richard le Boeuf

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